• Mesopotamian Journal of CyberSecurity

    Attention cybersecurity scholars and researchers! The Mesopotamian Journal of Cybersecurity has successfully launched and is rapidly gaining recognition in the academic community. With three impactful issues already published, our journal is attracting attention from respected publishers such as Scopus, Taylor & Francis, and others. We invite you to contribute your cutting-edge research and insights to our esteemed publication.

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Big Data

    Attention scholars and researchers in the Big Data realm! The Mesopotamian Journal of Big Data, already with three published issues, invites your cutting-edge contributions to shape the future of this field. Our platform aims to disseminate groundbreaking discoveries and transformative applications in Big Data, emphasizing data analytics, machine learning, and related areas. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration to drive advancements in this rapidly evolving domain. Your expertise is crucial—join us in this impactful journey.Submit your research to the Mesopotamian Journal of Big Data and be a part of the vanguard shaping knowledge in this transformative field.

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Computer Science

    Calling all scholars and researchers! The Mesopotamian Journal of Computer Science invites your groundbreaking contributions to our esteemed publication. We're committed to advancing computer science, offering a platform for cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary collaboration. Your innovative insights are vital. With rigorous peer-review, your work will stand among pioneering research. Join us in shaping the future of computer science—submit your research today and be part of our scholarly community at the Mesopotamian Journal of Computer Science

  • Applied Data Science and Analysis

    Applied Data Science and Analysis is a respected journal dedicated to real-world applications of data science. It provides a platform for experts to share innovative ideas and methodologies. Focused on bridging theory and practice, it showcases cutting-edge research and case studies in data analysis, machine learning, and more. Welcoming diverse contributions from fields like business, healthcare, and social sciences, the journal fosters collaboration among data professionals, aiming to advance the impact of data science in practical settings

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    The Mesopotamian Journal of AI in Healthcare (MJAIH) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal focused on AI's role in healthcare. It publishes original research, reviews, and case studies covering AI in diagnostics, drug discovery, medical imaging, clinical decision support, and ethical considerations. With a rigorous review process, it aims to advance AI in healthcare, serving as a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, and policymakers

  • Babylonian Journal of Mathematics

    The Babylonian Journal of Mathematics (BJM) E-ISSN: 3006-113X,  serves as a testament to ancient mathematical heritage. Embracing the legacy of Babylonian mathematical achievements, this journal invites global contributions, aiming to extend and honor the rich mathematical traditions of the Babylonian civilization through modern research and discoveries.

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Quran Studies

    Mesopotamian Journal of Quran Studies! Our platform invites researchers and scholars in Quranic studies to share original research on interpretations, historical perspectives, language analysis, and the Quran's influence on ethics, literature, law, and more. Rigorous peer-review ensures academic excellence. Join us in exploring the Quran's significance. Stay tuned for our launch and contribute to this enlightening academic journey

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Arabic Language Studies

    Welcome scholars and researchers in Arabic language studies! The Mesopotamian Journal of Arabic Language Studies has launched, inviting your valuable contributions. Join our scholarly community dedicated to advancing knowledge in Arabic linguistics, literature, and culture. Your impactful research and insights will shape the field's discourse. With rigorous peer-review, we ensure excellence. Submit your work and engage in dialogue with us at the Mesopotamian Journal of Arabic Language Studies

  • Babylonian Journal of Mechanical Engineering

    The Babylonian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (EISSN: 3006-5410) is a distinguished publication dedicated to advancing the field of mechanical engineering. This journal welcomes high-quality contributions from researchers and engineers across various areas, fostering innovation in thermodynamics, materials science, robotics, fluid mechanics, and structural analysis

  • Babylonian Journal of Artificial Intelligence

    The Babylonian Journal of Artificial Intelligence (EISSN: 3006-5437) is a leading publication dedicated to the convergence of modern AI with ancient Babylonian insights. It showcases peer-reviewed research, articles, and reviews exploring the interface between AI technologies and historical Babylonian methodologies. The journal serves as a hub for interdisciplinary discussions, fostering collaboration among researchers and practitioners pushing the boundaries of AI while drawing inspiration from Babylonian knowledge systems.

  • Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things

    The Babylonian Journal of Internet of Things focuses on advancing IoT technologies. It offers a platform for sharing cutting-edge research and applications in sensor networks, architectures, data analytics, security, and various IoT fields. Committed to fostering innovation, it pushes the boundaries of IoT research and practical implementations


  • Babylonian Journal of Networking

    The Babylonian Journal of Networking (EISSN: 3006-5372) focuses on cutting-edge advancements in networking technologies. This specialized publication invites researchers to share high-quality contributions covering computer networks, wireless communication, network security, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Through rigorous review, it aims to disseminate innovative insights and foster collaboration in this dynamic field

  • Babylonian Journal of Machine Learning

    The Babylonian Journal of Machine Learning (BJML) (EISSN: 3006-5429) is a specialized publication dedicated to the exploration and integration of modern machine learning methodologies. As a platform for researchers and scholars, the journal focuses on the intersection of cutting-edge advancements in machine learning. Through high-quality articles, it fosters interdisciplinary discussions aimed at propelling forward the field of machine learning research.

  • Mesopotamian Journal of Civil Engineering

    The Mesopotamian Journal of Civil Engineering is a specialized publication dedicated to advancing civil engineering studies in a regionally diverse context. Focusing on original research and innovative solutions, this journal provides a platform for scholars and practitioners to address the unique challenges and opportunities in infrastructure development and sustainability. By integrating engineering insights with interdisciplinary perspectives, the journal contributes valuable insights to both historical and contemporary civil engineering practices.

  • Babylonian Journal of Digital Imaging

    Join us in the exciting journey at the forefront of digital imaging research and its transformative impact on healthcare. The Babylonian Journal of Digital Imaging looks forward to being a catalyst for discussions, discoveries, and advancements in this dynamic field.

  • Decision Sciences and Generative Artificial Intelligence

    We invite researchers, scholars, and professionals to join us on this innovative journey at the crossroads of Decision Sciences and Generative Artificial Intelligence. Your contributions will play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge, shaping ethical practices, and fostering responsible deployment in this evolving landscape.