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Vol. 2022 (2022)

Al-Alusi and his rhetorical efforts in Surat Hud and Yusuf

November 24, 2023


The aim of this study is to uncover the rhetorical efforts in Surat Yusuf, which according to Al-Alusi in his interpretation is the spirit of meanings, and an attempt to shed light on the creative values and aesthetic features mentioned in the interpretation. The results reached can be presented as follows: Al-Alusi did not address all topics of Arabic rhetoric. In his interpretation of Surat Hud and Yusuf, when Al-Alusi mentions the rhetorical aspect, he comments on it a little. Regarding the meanings, Al-Alusi mentioned the following sections: the primary predicate, the interrogative, the call, the oath, the predicate departing from what is apparent, brevity and redundancy, and brevity.


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